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Spring 2023 VINsider Live Virtual Pickup Party

Mar 24, 2023 5:00pm

One of the lessons we learned during the pandemic is that while it's great to be able to host in-person events (and we will be hosting an in-person pickup party on April 2nd) we know that there are also so many benefits to offering events that people can join from the comfort of their homes. So we'll be continuing with our live virtual pickup party as well!

On Friday evening, March 24th, Proprietor Jason Haas, Executive Winemaker Neil Collins, and Senior Assistant Winemaker Chelsea Franchi will lead a live discussion and virtual tasting of the six wines in the classic shipment on YouTube and on Facebook. Chef Jeff Scott will present two pairings that go with the shipment wines. You can download and make Jeff's recipes in advance:

Overnight Braised Lamb Ragu (download)

Rock Shrimp Arancini (download)

As we did in 2022, we are working with Master the World to make tasting packs of 187ml bottles of the shipment wines, available shipping-included for $99 if you want to buy a pack and taste along. Click here for details and to purchase.

Virtual Pickup Party Neil and Jason on Screen