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Virtual Tastings

Tablas Creek Virtual Tasting Experiences

Enjoy a Tablas Creek virtual tasting from home, either for yourself, with a friend or family group, or for your company, from 1 person to 100. Choose from our three pre-configured tasting packs or work with us to customize your own, then schedule your tasting. We do not charge for these virtual tastings... just buy the wines.

On the day of the event, a knowledgeable host from the Tablas Creek team will guide your Zoom tasting, share pictures and stories of Tablas Creek, and answer your questions.

To book your virtual tasting, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Consult with Us (If You Want)

For smaller groups, a consultation is optional*. We're happy to help, if you'd like to talk about how the tastings will work, or want a customized wine pack, or have an idea to run by us. If you know your date and one of the three pre-made packs will suit your needs, you can go straight to Step 2.

*For larger groups (10 packs or more) we ask that you reach out to us before you buy packs or schedule a date. We routinely customize these tastings and often pull in a winemaker or principal to host them.

To consult, e-mail or call 805.237.1231 x 233.

Step 2: Book Your Virtual Tasting

If this tasting is for you, book the time first. Please make sure to reserve your time at least 10 days in advance, as it can take that long to get wines to you. To reserve, email us at with your preferred day and time and a few backups that would also work.

If this tasting is a gift, go ahead and jump straight to Step 3. Then have the recipient contact us to book their virtual tasting.

Step 3: Order Your Virtual Tasting Packs

We have created three virtual tasting packs, each featuring three or four full (750ml) bottles of wine and including our flagship Esprit de Tablas and/or Esprit de Tablas Blanc.

"Taste of Tablas" Virtual Tasting Pack

A collection of three bottles, one white and two reds:

"Red Wine Lovers" Virtual Tasting Pack

A collection of three bottles of our favorite red wine selections:

"White Wine Lovers" Virtual Tasting Pack

A collection of three bottles of our favorite white wine selections:

These are just ideas. If you would like to customize a tasting selection or if you want to build your virtual tasting around Tablas Creek wines in your cellar, just contact us to discuss (See step 1).

Taste of Tablas Fall 2023
"Taste of Tablas" Virtual Tasting Pack
Three wines for Red Virtual Kit
"Red Wine Lovers" Virtual Tasting Pack
Three wines for White Virtual Kit
"White Wine Lovers" Virtual Tasting Pack

Step 4: Taste with Us!

You will receive a Zoom link with your reservation, and we will follow up with a reminder roughly a week before your scheduled tasting. When your tasting day arrives, just click on the link we provide and get ready to taste with us!