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Nov 23rd, 2021
Bloomberg 9 Thanksgiving Wines for the Planet

Bloomberg: Nine Great Wines for Thanksgiving, Your Family, and the Planet

In a new article for Bloomberg, critic Elin McCoy chooses nine wines for "a planet-friendly version of the feast". From her article:

My nine picks are food-friendly crowd pleasers. One key to their versatility is juicy acidity, that lively zing that gives a wine energy, cuts through heavy, richly textured, snooze-inducing dishes, and refreshes your taste buds so you can go back for seconds and keep talking. They brim with fruit and are low in tannin, alcohol, and oaky flavors from barrel aging. All come from eco-conscious wineries committed to preserving the planet, whether by farming organically and biodynamically, conserving and recycling water, encouraging biodiversity, using solar power, cutting their carbon emissions, or, often, a combination of them all.
Nov 19th, 2021
2019 Esprit Label

Laurie Daniel on Thanksgiving wines: Think bold, lively and domestic

In an article for her blog, veteran wine columnist Laurie Daniel offers some good advice for pairing wines with the Thanksgiving meal:

"No wine is the perfect match for Thanksgiving dinner. There are simply too many flavors in the meal to account for: earthy, savory, salty, tangy, even sweet. So I usually try to find a wine that does a reasonably good job at complementing all those flavors.

For my palate, the best choices are red. But nothing too oaky, tannic or alcoholic. Nor do I open anything too delicate, which would probably be overwhelmed by the food. The wine needs to have plenty of fruit and enough acidity to cut through the richness of the meal."

She then recommends five wines to try with Thanksgiving this year, including our 2019 Esprit de Tablas!

Nov 15th, 2021
Vine Pair thanksgivingwine header

Three of VinePair's "25 Best Wines for Thanksgiving 2021" are Tablas Creek!

From red to white to rose we've always held that Rhone blends make amazing pairings for Thanksgiving dinners. Their diversity of flavors, their balance of sweeter and more savory notes, and their rich textures but (usually) unoaked profile all lend themselves to this most American of meals.

So it was with excitement that we read VinePair's Thanksgiving recommendations for 2021 and found three Tablas Creek wines included!

Nov 8th, 2021
21 Great Reds Holiday Pack

Holiday Gift Ideas from Tablas Creek

At Tablas Creek, we want to help you celebrate the holiday season in style. We have several ways in which you can give the gift of Tablas Creek, including five special holiday gift packages (on which we include no-charge shipping to any of the 41 states we can ship to), Tablas Creek gift cards, gift VINsider memberships and more.

Holiday gift packs are only available through December 31st. For pre-Christmas delivery, please order by December 17th, though if you can we recommend you place it earlier as the carriers are expecting exceptionally high volumes and have suspended their delivery guarantees.

Nov 4th, 2021
Tablas Creek Paco and flock

Jason Haas explores Regenerative Viticulture in a rebuttal for Wine Searcher

In an article published October 28th, Wine Searcher columnist W. Blake Gray took a swipe at regenerative viticulture, calling it "green-lite". Our proprietor Jason Haas reached out to him to explain what it was really about. He put Jason in contact with Wine Searcher Editor Don Kavanagh, who invited Jason to write a rebuttal. He did. From his piece:

Regenerative Organic Certification takes the soil health and biodiversity core of biodynamics (without its mystical origins) then adds the prohibition of chemical inputs and government oversight from organics and the focus on resource use, animal welfare, and farmworker equity from the best sustainability certifications. Because ROC is trademarked and administered by the nonprofit Regenerative Organic Alliance, its standards are uniform and international. And because it includes the word "organic" it must follow the NOP standards, which means, among other things, that a winery using the ROC seal on their wines needs to follow the NOP's limits on sulfite additions.
Nov 3rd, 2021
Vine Pair tablascreek

VinePair recommends 2020 Cotes de Tablas Blanc for Thanksgiving: "a superb match for all the diverse flavors"

In a new article for VinePair, Edward Deitch showcases our 2020 Cotes de Tablas Blanc, which he calls "an outstanding white blend that shows off the quality and the value of the wines produced by Tablas Creek." He also recommends it for Thanksgiving dinner, because it "would be a superb match for all the diverse flavors on your holiday table."

Oct 26th, 2021
Underground Wine Letter

Underground WineLetter: Fall 2021 Releases from Tablas Creek

The venerable Underground Wine Letter reviewed six new Fall 2021 releases, including some of the first reviews of 2019 Esprit and Esprit Blanc. Also reviewed are our 2020 Grenache Blanc, Patelin de Tablas Blanc, and Cotes de Tablas Blanc, and our 2019 Mourvedre. From John Tilson's introduction:

Given the knowledge, experience, and dedication of the founders of Tablas Creek as I just described, it should be no surprise that the Rhone varietals and blends made by Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles are consistently some of the very best wines made in California and they represent great value as well.
Oct 18th, 2021
Heather Daenitz Sheep at Tablas Creek Washington Post

Washington Post celebrates Tablas Creek in a new article on how vineyards are using carbon farming to improve soils and fight climate change

Yes, those are our sheep illustrating a great new Washington Post article by Dave McIntyre about how wineries are using regenerative practices to improve the health of their vineyards while also sequestering carbon and fighting climate change. Check it out!