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Vineyard Virtual Conference: Regenerative Farming: The Future for Grapegrowers?

Mar 3, 2021 10:00am

Our Viticulturist Jordan Lonborg will join a panel of experienced regenerative grape growing pioneers for a discussion of regenerative farming.

While not a new concept, interest in regenerative agriculture is growing within the wine industry, touted as a step above sustainable, organic, and even biodynamic viticulture. This session aims to define what regenerative agriculture in practice means in terms of grape growing, its benefit over other sustainable measures, and best practices for transitioning a vineyard.

Panelists include Stacy Briscoe, Wine Journalist & Editor; Craig Camp, winegrower at Troon Vineyard; Paul Dolan, Co-Founder of Truett-Hurst; Paul Skinner, Owner of Sequum Wines; and Jordy.

This discussion (and the whole conference) is free. Details and registration are available at

Vineyard Virtual Conference 2021