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Oct 19th, 2017

Tablas Creek Vineyard Celebrates Biodynamic® Certification

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We are proud to have received Biodynamic® certification from Demeter USA. This is the international farming community's highest level of sustainability certification. It begins with organic practices (Tablas Creek has been certified organic since 2003) and adds a holistic approach to building a dynamic, biodiverse, and healthy farm unit in which the signature of the place can show clearly.

Demeter states that the goal of Biodynamic practices is "to create a farm system that is minimally dependent on imported materials, and instead meets its needs from the living dynamics of the farm itself. It is the biodiversity of the farm, organized so that the waste of one part of the farm becomes the energy for another, that results in an increase in the farm’s capacity for self-renewal and ultimately makes the farm sustainable."

Practices that we incorporate at Tablas Creek include a mobile flock of 150+ sheep and alpacas to weed and fertilize the vineyard, interplantings of hundreds of fruit trees around and within the vineyards, compost made on site from prunings and grape must, applications of compost tea from the on-site compost, natural pest controls including 39 owl boxes around the vineyard and sections of native vegetation left to attract insects and predators, and our own hives of bees to support all these different plant species.

Harvest 2019 Crew Austin Chelsea Neil Craig And Amanda