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Jun 27th, 2019

San Francisco Chronicle: "Tablas Creek just planted a grape you’ve never heard of. But it’s a milestone for California Rhone wines"

Muscardin Grafting In Background Muscardin Cane In Hand In Foreground

In this great piece, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Editor Esther Mobley puts the arrival of Muscardin at Tablas Creek into context, and explores what this new grape and the others we will be debuting soon from other recent imports means for the California wine community. An excerpt:

"So what’s Muscardin like? Since no Muscardin-only wine exists, we don’t know yet. 'According to the Perrins, Muscardin is a large-berry, pale-colored red grape,' says Haas, 'a bit like a more floral Cinsault or a less tannic Terret Noir.'

That description sounds pretty great to me - and seems like it could be perfectly poised to meet the demand for the translucent reds that are on the rise in California right now. In fact, many of the minor Chateauneuf blending grapes seem to fit this profile."

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