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Nov 4th, 2021

Jason Haas explores Regenerative Viticulture in a rebuttal for Wine Searcher

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In an article published October 28th, Wine Searcher columnist W. Blake Gray took a swipe at regenerative viticulture, calling it "green-lite". Our proprietor Jason Haas reached out to him to explain what it was really about. He put Jason in contact with Wine Searcher Editor Don Kavanagh, who invited Jason to write a rebuttal. He did. From his piece:

Regenerative Organic Certification takes the soil health and biodiversity core of biodynamics (without its mystical origins) then adds the prohibition of chemical inputs and government oversight from organics and the focus on resource use, animal welfare, and farmworker equity from the best sustainability certifications. Because ROC is trademarked and administered by the nonprofit Regenerative Organic Alliance, its standards are uniform and international. And because it includes the word "organic" it must follow the NOP standards, which means, among other things, that a winery using the ROC seal on their wines needs to follow the NOP's limits on sulfite additions.
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