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Feb 4th, 2022

A Taste and Talk with Tablas Creek by Miquel Hudin

Shipment Wines Spring 2022

In a new in-depth profile, Catalonia-based reviewer Miquel Hudin dives into the Tablas Creek story, explores how Paso Robles has developed since he first visited in 1994 and now confounded his expectations, and shares his notes and scores on eight wines. Among his comments:

These wines I tasted are vibrant, expressive, delicate, and represent years of work as their original cuttings came from France.
The Grenache is stellar and as I told Jason, I think it’s one of the finest Grenaches I’ve ever tasted from anywhere in the Americas.
I was expecting the reds to knock my socks off but what really surprised me where the whites. They’re outstanding and despite being based on the same varieties as their native homeland in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, there’s so much more aromatic lift and delicacy to them.

The wines he reviews included a 91, a 92-94, two 93s, a 93+, a 94, and two 95s (Our 2019 Cinsaut and 2019 Grenache).

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