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Aug 4th, 2022

New York Times: Tablas Creek featured in "The Problem with Wine Bottles"

Jason Haas in New York Times Aug 4 2022

In his weekly column, New York Times Wine Editor Eric Asimov takes on one of the biggest challenges for wine today: the high carbon footprint of the glass bottle. In his investigation of the state of affairs, he talks about our initiative to start putting our Patelin de Tablas wines in 3L boxes, and dives into the recent blog piece by our Partner & General Manager Jason Haas on the dismal state of glass recycling in the Unites States. From his piece:

Mr. Haas of Tablas Creek experimented with bag-in-box, packaging the equivalent of 112 cases of 2021 Patelin de Tablas rosé, a modest wine that would typically be served by the glass in restaurants. It sold out almost immediately, Mr. Haas said. The response was so enthusiastic that he repeated the experiment with Patelin de Tablas white and will do it again soon with the red.

“I was so happy to see that,” Ms. Saunders said of the Tablas Creek box. “Pedigreed, respectable producers are a really big thing, it legitimizes it.”
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