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Mar 10th, 2023

Jancis Robinson: A step beyond organic viticulture, producers are reaping the rewards of regeneration

Jancis Robinson in FT

In her weekly column in Financial Times, Jancis Robinson dives into the promise of regenerative farming. In it, she highlights the Regenerative Organic Certified program, Tablas Creek's role as an early adopter, and recommends our 2017 Esprit de Tablas as one of her regeneratively farmed top picks! From the piece:

The American ROC (Regenerative Organic Certification™), launched in 2020, is more demanding because it’s even more wide-ranging and requires a commitment to organic farming. It also requires integrating animal welfare and livestock operations, where appropriate (it can be applied to a wide variety of products — not just wine) as well as the social aspects of sustainability (looking after the workforce and so on).

The organisation’s motto is “Farm like the world depends on it”. So far the only wine operations to be fully ROC-certified are Domaine Bousquet in Argentina, Troon in Oregon and Fetzer, Neal, Sominer, Tablas Creek and Truett-Hurst in California.
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