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Apr 18th, 2023

Tasting Table: 17 Best Organic Wines For Earth Day

Tasting Table Organic Wines

In a new article for the Tasting Table, journalist Haley Hamilton Cogill features our 2020 Esprit de Tablas Blanc in her exploration of the growing international world of organic wines. From her introduction:

Besides avoiding environmental and health concerns, organic wines authentically reflect the terroir where grapes are grown. The wines showcase the land, unaltered by inorganic additives that mask the natural flavors. With that in mind, we planned ahead this Earth Day by taste-testing some of the best organic wines and speaking with several producers adhering to organic practices.

Her description of the Esprit Blanc is one focused, expressive, and to the point:

Luscious and elegant, the wine layers succulent stone fruit flavors of peach and nectarine with wildflowers, honeycomb, and cream.
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