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Mar 27th, 2024

SF Chronicle reports on premium boxed wine

SF Chronicle Post

We were happy to see our boxed wine appear in Esther Mobley's piece for the SF Chronicle asking the question, "California boxed wine for $100: Will people buy it?"

We, of course, know they will, but her piece takes a deeper dive into the many companies breaking into the premium boxed wine market. Brands like Ryme Cellars, Bedrock Wines, and Really Good Boxed Wine are all in and seeing success.

The article is a fascinating deep dive into the current state of premium boxed wine with a concluding quote from our Jason Haas. From the article:

“There’s no reason for most drink-this-soon wines to go in a glass bottle that takes so much energy to mine and melt and mold and ship,” said Haas. “There’s a lot of wines that should really be sold in boxes rather than bottles.”
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