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Tasting with Neil on Facebook Live featuring Adam Tolmach of The Ojai Vineyard

Feb 5, 2021 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Fridays at 5pm PDT on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Join Winemaker Neil Collins as he tastes through select wines with a guest of his choice.

This week, we're excited to host Adam Tolmach, owner and Winemaker of The Ojai Vineyard.

Adam has a long and storied history in the wine industry. From starting his wine career at Zaca Mesa, to co-founding Au Bon Climat, and ultimately starting his own winery The Ojai Vineyard. Over the decades Adam has relentlessly focused on fine tuning the winemaking process to make it as natural as possible. In this conversation Adam will show off his latest accomplishment in this process, the no sulfites added 2018 Sans Soufre Ajoute from The Ojai Vineyard; as well as their 2018 Portico Hills Sauvignon Blanc. Neil will open a 2019 Picardan and 2018 Grenache from Tablas Creek.

*If you want to taste along with Neil and Adam, be sure to order the Grenache in our shop and on The Ojai Vineyard's on or before February 2nd*

Adam Tolmach On Tastings With Neil