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Jul 22nd, 2020

Briscoe Bites: Paso Rocks: Paso Robles Wine Review Roundup

Briscoe Bites Epoch Soil

Wine writer Stacy Briscoe recently participated in a live Zoom webinar on Paso Robles, featuring our Jason Haas as well as Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins from Ancient Peaks and Jordan Fiorentini from Epoch. She came away most stuck by the soils:

The main takeaway (at least to my eyes and ears): Paso rocks. I mean, yes, it rocks in the figurative sense as well. But I was really digging (pun sort of intended) all the geeky geological stuff these guys got into. The show-and-tell of vineyard rocks was one for the record books. Have you seen fossilized whale bone in your backyard? Thought not. And of course, how these soil types and topography of each vineyard’s location affects the wine style is a connection I love making.

So, I thought I’d take some time to talk a bit about each winery, why they “rock,” and of course include mini wine reviews for each. Please, enjoy.
Harvest 2019 Crew Austin Chelsea Neil Craig And Amanda