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May 15th, 2020

Underground WineLetter: Great New Releases from Tablas Creek Vineyard

Underground Wine Letter

The venerable Underground Wine Letter reviewed six new Spring 2020 releases, including the first reviews of our newly-bottled 2019 Vermentino and 2019 rosés, our 2018 Roussanne, and two of our newest red blends from 2018: Patelin de Tablas and Cotes de Tablas. From John Tilson's introduction:

If, for some reason, you do not know Tablas Creek Vineyard you really need to get in the game and buy these wines to see what you are missing. Tablas Creek Vineyard makes wines that are easy to love. And, once you have experienced them you are likely to remain a fan eagerly waiting for the latest releases each year. Very simply, the wines are consistently great every year.
Harvest 2019 Crew Austin Chelsea Neil Craig And Amanda