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May 9th, 2020

Washington Wine Blog: "I absolutely loved the new wines across the board"

Wa Wine Blog Tablas Creek May 2020

Dr. Owen Bargreen is Founder and Executive Editor of the Washington Wine Blog. In a piece published this week, he reviews six new Tablas Creek releases. From his introduction:

I absolutely loved the new wines across the board. I have had the chance to review more than 100 Rose wines for my upcoming Rose Report. Look to one of the great Rose wines made in North America, the 2019 Tablas Creek ’Dianthus’ Rose (WWB, 93) which is rich and vibrant, with loads of tension and acidity, as well as weight and range. I loved the 2018 Tablas Creek Roussanne (WWB, 94) which stands tall amongst the best Roussanne bottlings in North America. Rich and beautifully textured, with a bright core of acidity, this is a seriously good white wine by Tablas Creek that has excellent aging potential. Here are the compelling new wines by Tablas Creek.
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