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Nov 23rd, 2021

Bloomberg: Nine Great Wines for Thanksgiving, Your Family, and the Planet

Bloomberg 9 Thanksgiving Wines for the Planet

In a new article for Bloomberg, critic Elin McCoy chooses nine wines for "a planet-friendly version of the feast". From her article:

My nine picks are food-friendly crowd pleasers. One key to their versatility is juicy acidity, that lively zing that gives a wine energy, cuts through heavy, richly textured, snooze-inducing dishes, and refreshes your taste buds so you can go back for seconds and keep talking. They brim with fruit and are low in tannin, alcohol, and oaky flavors from barrel aging. All come from eco-conscious wineries committed to preserving the planet, whether by farming organically and biodynamically, conserving and recycling water, encouraging biodiversity, using solar power, cutting their carbon emissions, or, often, a combination of them all.
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