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Nov 19th, 2021

Laurie Daniel on Thanksgiving wines: Think bold, lively and domestic

2019 Esprit Label

In an article for her blog, veteran wine columnist Laurie Daniel offers some good advice for pairing wines with the Thanksgiving meal:

"No wine is the perfect match for Thanksgiving dinner. There are simply too many flavors in the meal to account for: earthy, savory, salty, tangy, even sweet. So I usually try to find a wine that does a reasonably good job at complementing all those flavors.

For my palate, the best choices are red. But nothing too oaky, tannic or alcoholic. Nor do I open anything too delicate, which would probably be overwhelmed by the food. The wine needs to have plenty of fruit and enough acidity to cut through the richness of the meal."

She then recommends five wines to try with Thanksgiving this year, including our 2019 Esprit de Tablas!

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