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Jul 31st, 2022

The Wine Magazine: Paso's Piece of Paradise

The Wine Magazine Pasos Piece of Paradise

In a beautiful new article in the Australian journal the Wine Magazine, author Amy Anthill Egan offers an outstanding introduction to Paso Robles wine country, including great recommendations of wineries, hotels, and other attractions to visit, accompanied by gorgeous photography by Fergus Stothart. She starts her visit at Tablas Creek:

Within minutes of arriving at Tablas Creek (, Jason Haas, whose family were pioneers of Paso’s Rhône-Ranger movement, shows us one of the secrets behind the region’s superior fruit. Grabbing a rock from the chalky soil in his picturesque vineyard, he upends his water bottle and we watch as the liquid is promptly absorbed by the now markedly-heavier rock.

“Just imagine,” says Haas “how well this stores winter and spring rain for the vines to use in Paso’s hot, dry summers.”
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