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Jan 3rd, 2023

VinePair: Stressed Out Vines Could Make for Happier Drinkers, According to Science


In a new piece for VinePair, Hannah Staab discusses how certain environmental conditions, like access to water, can cause a stress response in vines, and why it can influence the quality of the final wine positively. From the article:

Neil Collins, the executive winemaker at Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles, Calif., mentioned that they don’t need to inflict stress on their vines because there’s “enough stress as it is, it needs no help from us,” referring to the region’s hot summers and cold winters as well as the vineyard’s heavy clay and calcareous rock soils. “But there’s the point: The site was purchased knowing it would give an amount of stress and hence wines of great character.”
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